“The Loneliness series questions our need for connection, the validation of our experiences and the mental effects of its absence. I wanted to start a dialogue: why is it that we can feel lonely even if we are well surrounded? Is the answer to combatting loneliness one of the answers to our high suicide rates in NZ?

 In this series, I tried to visually materialise emotion and evoke felt experience. By creating light filled wandering glass-like creatures, I seeked to give physical form to our consciousness, to bring beauty to who we are in terms of quantum energy, our firing neurons and our soul.

All pieces are handpainted inks and acrylics on paper which have been cold pressed onto board. The glass-like effect has come as a result of my own experimentation with inks as I have found that their translucency conveys light effectively. The sculptural element is a nod to contemporary photography with its ability to capture movement at once in one frame.”

(The Loneliness titled piece in this series was selected as a finalist for the National Contemporary Art Award in 2019 and was displayed until Nov.10th at the Waikato Museum in Hamilton. The rest of the series was also exhibited at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts) in October as part of Solo 47)

© 2017 by Micheline Robinson